Saturday, 4 July 2009

Been a while!

..and since Rob Jackson’s fine anthology has come out with contributions from me and Davey-boy-Hughes and Rob and Jim Medway et al, I thought I should put some other drawings on here to distract from the last depressing post I put on here.


That post is still part of a WIP which should be done over the next month. But until then… how’s about this – some sketches, some sketchbook stuff and some photoshopped business.  

hands 2hands



The last one there of the octopus has been titled “Octo-pic” as it’s rested in Limbo on my desktop, but I think it’s been retitled “I found this in the car park, where do you want me to put it?” Good title eh?

Image070Image071And I like these two as well….snapped on my phone as I was playing around with some eyes.

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