Monday, 19 July 2010


After the sad news of Harvey Pekars death last week, I did a drawing for Adam Cadwell's Draw Harvey group on Flicker. You can see the rest here:

I tried to do something a little different, I presumed that there was going to be a fair few sketches and drawings done from photos of Harvey and as I was rootling around online looking for some reference, someone posted a link to one of his Letterman appearances. Look it up on YouTube, 'cos it makes for such awkward, uncomfortable viewing, at several points it could go either way into amiable chatter or vicious onscreen mugging. Anyway, I waited for one of those moments when Harvey looked like he was going to chew Letterman's nose off and bang!: quick screen grab, and off drawing I went.

I had such fun doing the Nosferatu drawing last week that I did this Harvey one using the same process, and I enjoyed that so much, I'm going to be doing something else in the same way soon.


  1. And what technique is that? Looks like ink on something waxy in places. Either way, very nice.

  2. Waxy, eh....? You might be right there. Something I've not done in a while, turns out it's very enjoyable. It's oil pastel, with a wash applied over the top, scrapey-scrapey with a scalpel and then inked. This one had a bit of after care in Photoshop as well - the previous Nosferatu pic didn't have so much digi-tinker.

    Glad you like though. I'm going to try a comic page using the same technique, soonish

  3. Aha, thought it was something like that. It's a technique that works well with your style.