Wednesday, 11 August 2010

"You'd be amazed how many people who work in film and television want to be comic book writers." But don't they have jobs already? Shouldn't they concentrate on making better television programmes and films?

So yeah, that line kind of annoyed me.

And I've been well behind “Clint.” Some people don't like anything about it. I've seen eyes roll at everything from the gag in the magazine name, the mention of Frankie Boyle and @wossy's contributions to the project. I think that because of services rendered to comics, film and Andrew Sachs over the decades @wossy is credible. Full support to the man. “Turf” on paper sounds like a massive genre crash, but from what I've read – it's solid, and we know the man's credentials - he's a proud knowledgable, enthused comic fan. Legit.

I start to worry, and my eyes began to roll, when Frankie Boyles name got dropped. Now, I desperately hope I am surprised when “Clint” comes out, but – even with the respect I have for his comedy – why is he dipping his toe into the world of comics? To my knowledge, the only comic work that he's got to his credit is on his website
and, well – try getting a job in comics off the back of that, Frankie. It wouldn't happen.

I was pleased to see that on the Millarworld forums there was genuine attempt to get some indie creators contributing – and there was some brilliant stuff being submitted in amongst all the shite – and in all honesty Millar et al could fill the rest of “Clint” with the cream of what was submitted there. I hope that the winning artist is paid a decent rate – or Frankie Boyle (as first time writer) is paid peanuts. (chosen entry from Santolouco here, towards the bottom – about spaceships spacemen and wee it's pretty good)

But that line that I read on the press release. “You'd be amazed how many people who work in film and television want to be comic book writers.” Hells teeth, that is painful to read.

Here's an example you may remember from a few months ago which perfectly illustrates what happens when you try and capitalise on “a name” to shift your product. Remember Danny Dyer and the Zoo debacle? For those who don't and were nowhere near Twitter when it exploded, in a column in Zoo magazine, he advised a heartbroken young idiot to “to cut your ex’s face, and then no one will want her.” Now, chances are it was some YTS schemer or drunken ghost writer who actually hammered that into a computer with his idiot fists, but if you paid a proper, experienced, talented journalist or columnist to fill those 3 inches in the magazine you might – just might have got something of worth.

....In Zoo.

But you see my point. A professional, with a wealth of experience and dedication to their task would not have suggested striping anyone up.

(I've just had a terrible thought. Does MM know DD? Please GOD no. Personal plea to MM – do NOT let Danny Dyer write anything for “Clint”. Please)

I hope “Clint” is a success, I really do. Comics, drawing and stories are so important and there is so much good work being done, both indie and mainstream but my concern is that filling a comic with Millar's mates will end up with “Clint” being a watered down version of what comics can be.

And as a final note. Do they think that writing comics is easy? And you don't see any of them wanting to DRAW the comics do you? Oh no! Why? Because it's fucking difficult, that's why. I takes hard work and takes years to get good at.

I shall test this theory by send Richard Madeley some scripts to draw, and see what he comes up with. 

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