Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bulldog clips cover

I've been busy trying to finish off an outstanding project over the last few days, which is finally done now - but it became fairly big as I kept adding bits and pieces in and took me ages. I'll post something over the next few days but it needs a bit of tinkering around with to make it fit on the blog and at the moment I'm sick of the sight of it. Anyway, whilst I was busy finishing that project off, another thing I finished a while ago had it's official release at BICS over the last weekend. BULLDOG CLIPS by Jason Cobley et al came out. Read about it at Jason's website. My contribution was the cover colours which I'm pretty happy with. line artwork by Andrew Wildman (h

Here's Andrews linework which is followed by a few colour variations that I gave to Jason to choose from.


Jason Cobley:

Andrew Wildman: @apwildman

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