Monday, 25 July 2011

Back and Beyond

So hopefully people have seen, and hopefully picked up a copy from many different locations around Lancaster and Morecambe, but Back and Beyond, a new arts magazine for the area has come out over the last couple of weeks. I'm on the editorial team, along with Si Hawksworth and Phil McMillian (from Fold Design), Mollie Baxter and Mick Murphy, and after the best part of a year, issue one is out! And it looks the business as well. If you don't manage to get an actual real-life paper copy, there's another version that's made of 1's and 0's which doesn't exist; here:

I also had three illustrations featured in there:

The first as a general Lancaster themed illustration (featured here), the second and third to accompany a couple of poems from inside.

Back and Beyond around the web:

The main website:
Moll's blog:
and the printers blog, who will be featuring us at some point.


Phil McMillian: @folddesignuk
Mollie Baxter: @MollBaxter

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