Monday, 14 September 2009


Well, I've finally finished something off. How's about that then.

..and once I get this post done, and email the work to old Gio Spinella, I can liberate my hard drive of all the jpegs, psd's and various other stuff that has been cluttering it up for ages.

It's been quite useful to examine exactly why it has taken me so long to get it finished - sure, there has been that constant distraction of having to go to work and that, and true that as I've been on leave for the last couple of weeks I have managed to get the thing finished. But the question that I'm asking myself is "why has it taken so long?".

There are a few answers. The main one being stuff like this.....

FrAcKinG SHips

Which is a selection of some of the many many many attempts to try and get sorted out a space ship which featured in the strip. As seen in panels 5, 7 and 8 (from page 1) and  2,3 and 5 (from page 3)

Page 2 without textPAGE 3 without text

I had reams and reams of scribbles and designs at various stages of completion for those damned ships – why? Don’t know is the answer, just one of those cul-de-sacs that I find myself in quite a lot, constantly beggaring around.


Contrasted to this one….

ship to blog

Which is the opening panel from page one, which is supposed to be this cargo ship thing, that I just drew. Yes, no design sheets for this one – just straight onto the board and think that it came out much better (and easier) than the design of the other one.


So all in all – lesson learnt, just do it. Rather than buggering around – just get it done.


Hell, may as well post everything else hadn’t I? Here’s page one, and a character sheet for the professor character.

PAGE 1 without text



  1. Hey, good drawings, impressed. Like you say best just to get on, but easier said than done and procrastinating is so much fun. And agree work can get its ugly old head in the way too often!

  2. Well done Ant, looks ace, is this the start of a run of extreme productivty? Good cargo ship, sometimes it is easier to create 'on the page isn't it?'