Sunday, 22 November 2009


Thought Bubble was fun.

I am tired - I am sleepy. My hangover is gone and I'm looking forward to getting to sleep and not waking up feeling like I spent a fortune on booze, comics and slept on the floor of a hotel!

I came back with:

5 copies of Sgt. Mike Battle by the genuine gentleman Graham Pearce. Good egg that man, and apparently #14 is so sad at the end, he was giving tissues away with it. I got a tissue signed by him for some reason. So I might get it framed to keep safe next time I have a cold.

"There's no time like the present" number 10. By the superb Paul Rainey. Looking forward to the next free couple of hours when I can hole up with a brew and re-read the entire series.

DBH gave me a free copy of "TWID" which was nice, and good to see the final version. It was good to catch up with Robo-Jacko as well (by that I mean Rob Jackson) Apparently, he even did some dancing at some point...

What else.... oh yeah - couple of new things, "House of the Holy Flesheaters" by Chris Doherty , a webcomic that apparently never ends (ie never finished, I think some paid work came up) but it looks good.

Necessary Monsters by Daniel Goodbrey and Sean Azzopardi (Sean is one of those creators that I've heard a lot about, but this is the first I've bought by him - if it works out, I'll be back to buy "12 hour shift".

And finally, a couple by Dan Lester "..Mysteries" and "the guest artist issue". Looking forward to those, although he doesn't seem to be doing much drawing recently.

So that's about it. A few other bits and pieces, a couple of mainstream comics as well. But all in all, a good enjoyable weekend.

Highlights: Hobo-Flash, Drinking, seeing some old faces and meeting some new folk. Seeing a picture of Jimmy Saville and Elvis (!)

Lowlights: My wallet, and I'm starting to feel bad about back boobs. But it did give me something to tweet about.

Pictures from the day:

Hobo-Flash so fast that he's a blur. (note a more extreme version of Silent Bob, dubbed "Aspergers Bob" always in close proximity. Also note: Death in the back ground. I think I tried to flirt with her)


Another Hobo- Flash - hero pose this time, and you can tell that that chin beard makes him about 40% more aerodynamic.


My booty (?)

Leeds booty is the best booty

..and oh, yeah. My doppelganger - according to DBhughes. Not convinced he is my clone. But we may have a boosh/Paul/Barry Chuckle partnership if the comics doesn't work out.


"To me, Gareth.." Gareth is on the left. Or is it the right…? I can’t tell us apart.

Also got my project underway – the work anthology, now with a title:


“The Brave, Brave Idiots” you can see how things are shaping up with this project over at and follow progress on twitter @bravebraveidiot



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